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Project Manager

What does a Project Manager Do?


The Primary role of a Project Manager is to Plan, organise and oversee all details concerned with planning a project and seeing it through to completion.


In the case of building a house or Extension, this would include all the details involved with constructing the building shell and the interior finishes, along with all the service connections, Driveways/ paths & gardens, in fact there isn't much left out that a Project Manager doesn't cover.


    A Project Manager can help you Estimate your Build Cost, it makes good sense to have someone help you break up your construction program into stages and then request Tenders from the right type of Contractors , see our example of a typical small build costing :




           A Project Manager can also help you with a Build Program ( Covering how long the project should take) also known as a Program of Works or Schedule of Works, see our example of a house build program of works:





Project Managers can Manage all the aspects of your build, dealing with Architects, Engineers, Materials, Workforce, Sub Contractors, Construction, fact everything and anything to do with the build, leaving you free to perhaps get involved with other aspects of the build should you wish, like planning your kitchen and Bathroom layouts and choosing finishes.



What does a Project Manager Cost?


A Project Manager should charge a modest and affordable fee for their services, their role is to plan/co-ordinate and order materials and Bring the right people to do the work while keeping a check on progress and standards!. Fees are usually dependent on the size of a Project and it's Budget, Project Management fees can be anything between 3% to 15% of a construction Project budget but everything is negotiable!.


 A Project Manager often has more than 1 or 2 sites running at the same time and can utilise work forces from multiple sites which also benefits your site, a Project Manager will offer you peace of mind that the work has been done quickly, correctly and for the best price!


What Does the Client Gain using a Project Manager?


    Client's do save money by paying only one fee for a Project Manager to use his/ her experience, knowledge, organising skills and contacts to plan and supervise the build for you, they take out all the hassle that can happen with construction, they will Efficiently order and check materials, organise the workforce include getting all the Sub Contractors jobs doneat cost and in a timely fashion without cutting any corners! and monitor all stages of the build.



Build Assist


We offer a choice of Quotations, from a complete (All in) house build Quote by our House Builder , or a "Build Assist" Quote with a Project Manager
For the Client who likes to get involved, Our Project Management team can guide and assist a Client through all the stages of construction with a "Build Assist", their role is usually a combination of Management, specialist knowledge and organisation skills which tend to pay for themselves over the period of a build through effective savings on materials and Discounts within the building industry earned through repeated use of Competent Contractors and Suppliers. 


Standards by a Project Manager�

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