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How much does it cost to build a House?

 Estimating House Build cost


How long does it take to Build a House?

House Building Program of Works


Who can build my house?

Builder  or Project Manager  




Building a House or Extension is much the same, an Extension will need to conect to another building and there are a few considerations to take into account,



Building an Extension

Build a House


 This Website has Various pictures and Video's of Construction stages showing one of our builds at LoundSide, Chapeltown, along with other builds from some time ago. You can see footing Reinforcement, Concrete Strip Footings, Stone & Block Wall constructions, Roof construction, Lintols,French Doors, Dormer Window construction, Electrical Wiring, 
Plumbing, Drainage, Services laying, Driveway Construction, Garages, Plastering, Joinery and much more.

Please feel free to explore this website using the left hand SideBar to gain further Self Build information and feel free to ask your questions should you have any, we will try and answer them quickly free of charge!.

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 The following links below show a "Build Cost" example and "Programme of Works" to help you with your Self Build Costings and Work (Construction) Schedule, we suggest you also read "Building-Where to Start" as it points out various responsibilities you will have while Building.


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Estimating Build cost


Building Program of Works

Building - Where to Start


Build An Extension


Build A House


Project Manager


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