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Build a Recording Studio

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Recording Studio
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Build a Recording Studio

Welcome to
Build Your Own Recording Studio

Covering the following subjects on the following Pages:-

Studio Equipment,

Studio Wiring,

Patch bays,

Inserts, Midi,

Master Controllers, 



Music Software

Studio Wiring

Outline Plan

Building location

Type of Building

Sound proofing

Studio Floor Layout

Studio Construction

Vocal and Drum Booths


Studio Tips 1

Studio Tips 2

Studio Tips 3

     I have included various headings which I think may be useful in helping you and I will be offer advice on how to create quality recordings in the Studio or from live performances on stage.

We would welcome any queries you may have regarding recording techniques or tips you may want to know, please use the Contact Us page to send your query.

Anyone building their own studio could benefit from the following Pages and Headings:-

Basic Studio wiring

A very important part of studio wiring is the earthing system, a central point should be used like you're mixing desk or power transformer as a central earth point for all items in the studio to connect too, as new equipment is brought into the studio it must be connected to this earth! This is why some patch leads only have the screen (earth) connected at 1 end of the cable, as long as all the patchbays earths are connected to central earth point no Hum is introduced (stray voltages trying to find a route to earth)

Outline Plan

This has got to be the simplest question you need to ask yourself, is this going to be a purpose built Studio, building a complete new building from scratch, or converting an existing

building, garage, basement or a simple Bedroom/attic conversion?

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Build a Recording Studio: FAQ

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Video Games from Amazon

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Recording Studio
Build a Recording Studio: Welcome
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