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     Smart TV is the catch-all term for internet TVs. For many new TVs this means access to a collection of apps, an app store for adding more, a web browser and access to home network files all rolled into one interface. Latest TV's now connect to the internet and can be networked to PC's and home media storage drives.

 Smart TV's now cope with many different connections to them, for example: Games consoles, Video surveillance, intercom systems, skype or VOIP connections to friends and family (these are video phone calls!), also main TV viewing connecting via internet, cable, satellite or conventional aerial. Smart TV's also can connect to your Home Hi Fi system for full enhanced Sound.

 At the top end of the Market , 75 inches of pure pleasure...    

   Like smartphone's, smart TVs are becoming increasingly more common. Most midrange to high-end TV's these days come with smart TV functions--applications (apps) and an Internet browser are among the more popular features. Meanwhile, wireless connectivity between devices is also catching on for this year. Why settle for a "dumb" TV when you can have one, which offers a more seamless Internet and content-consumption experience?


​     If you have an Internet connection then a smart TV can offer more features for your viewing such as films and programs on demand over the internet. Most of these connections to sites offering films will charge you a monthly subscription, however sites like TVCATCHUP offers most of the TV channels you would normally receive through an aerial for free!

What is HDMI ?

HDMI is a type of connection for sending High Definition video signal to a TV screen

We have picked out some interesting TV's and gadgets below worth taking a look at!

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HDMI Splitter Box

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Fancy a Luxury Home Cinema Chair?

We can Supply Home Cinema Chairs, with a Wide range of available Fabrics and Colours available, we offer a Bespoke Service With a Speciality in 

Bespoke Lift & Recline Chairs,

Introducing our electrically operated lift and recline chairs from our Universal Collection which offers exceptional levels of comfort, style and quality. Each chair is individually hand-crafted to our customers requirements.

All our motors have a smooth whisper-silent movement, providing both assistance and independence for the elderly and the less able when sitting, reclining or rising from the chair at the simple touch of a button.

Our Recliners Come With;

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Handmade in Britain with a 
7 Year Warranty.

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Red Leather Cinema Chair

Bespoke Service

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Boost your TV surround sound 5.1

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Sound Bars for TV

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Got Video Prime yet?

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