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A strong foundation is first built using the best materials which meet the strictest quality standards, and no one understands that better than Self Build New Homes. We are committed to safety and customer satisfaction with each of our products, providing personalized service with each one of our products. Check out some of our specialized products below.

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Unbelievable Variety

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Lift & Recline

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Exquisite Craftsmanship



• Bespoke modern look chair with curved arms, handset loop and magazine pocket
• Available in Single/Dual/Tilt In Space (TIS) Dual Motor
• 6 interchangeable back designs on velcro (Waterfall/Envelope/Button/2 Pillow/Lateral Support/T Back)
• A wide selection of fabrics including Brisa® See Fabric Choices
• Extending leg rest (optional on TIS Dual only)
• Optional extras 
• Matching suites
• 2 Year Warranty with an additional 5 Year Warranty on parts only for selected models.


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