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Rising Damp Problems

and Underpinning

Rising Damp Problems?: Text

Rising Damp Prevention & Treatment

Rising Damp Prevention & Treatment

Rising Damp can be cured with a course of Chemical DPC Injections

A Chemical solution (Microsilan) is pumped under pressure (usually around 3 PSI) into holes drilled into the brick course usually 150mm above external

ground level which after a few days forms a barrier to water much like the Plastic DPC membranes used in todays modern construction, after the Chemical Injections, Plastic plugs or Mortar seal up the holes.

You can hire Pressure injectors from Plant Hire companies, might be worth hiring a hammer drill at same time to drill all the holes in the brickwork!



Underpinning Solutions and Foundation Repairs

Here's a look at a 3m Underpinning repair to foundations damaged by faulty drains and tree roots only discovered when excavation started for an Extension on a Sheffield Home, this remedial work was required so that new footings for the Extension could safely be butted up and joined to the existing structure.

      Had this Underpinning work not been done, the wall would eventually have become unstable, cracks would have started to appear in the plaster work above the fault, to possible complete failure and/or collapse.


      Many old Properties do not have conventional strip footings like today's modern buildings, remedial work to existing walls (often required) can be overlooked when the initial quotes come in from builders pricing up to build an Extension.

 Ask your Builder what contingency plans they have for any unforeseen problems such as these when they give a quote, or better still, use a Project Manager who can justify their own cost in the savings they will make for you as well as solving and overseeing any problems such as these.

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