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  Example of Program of Works

Work Schedule Example Work Schedule Example Work Schedule Example
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Input Start Date 1-Sep-09 8-Sep-09 15-Sep-09 22-Sep-09 29-Sep-09 6-Oct-09 13-Oct-09 20-Oct-09 27-Oct-09 3-Nov-09 10-Nov-09 17-Nov-09 24-Nov-09 1-Dec-09 8-Dec-09 15-Dec-09 22-Dec-09 29-Dec-09 5-Jan-10 12-Jan-10 19-Jan-10
Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week
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Materials Delivered Pour Concrete #2 Fit Ridge Beam NHBC�S Inspected Roof Fit Facia Boards Fit Slates to Rear Roof Fan Holes Cut Order Plasterboards Elec& Plumb finish 1st fix Tiling
NHBC notification F10 submission 1st Conc pour Bricky's Bricky's Scaffold Start 2nd lift, Lintol hight Lintols Roof Structure Started Fit Roof insulation Fire stops (Party wall) Fit Down Pipes Plumb 1st fix Fit Plumbing Tails Plaster boards Del Ceiling Plaster Skim Fit Wall Plaster Boards Plaster boarding snags Elec & Plumbing 2nd Appliances Decorating snags Viewings
CDM consultation Shuttering Foundation Blocks Start from DPC 1st lift, Window sills 4th lift,� Fit Roof Restraint Straps dormer boarding Fit Barge Boards Fit soil & Vent Pipes Fit Flooring (Both Flrs) Fit Floor Insulation PlasterBoard Ceilings Gas/Water/Elec/BT Fit Internal Doors Fit Baths/Showers cub Fixtures & Fittings Landscaping Completed
Architect consultations Engineer consultations Start Steel Fixing brickwork to DPC Start Blockwork Fit Grnd Floor Joist/Beams Trestle Hight internal Fit Padstones Brickwork Fit Cut ups Cav Closers Fit Roof Boarding Order Floor Insulation Bats Fit Slates to Front Roof Fit Internal stud work Glass Delivery Path Materials Delivery Joinery 2nd fix Decorating WC/sinks fitted Fit/Test Boiler Fit Curtain rails
Drawings Appoint NHBC Reinforcement Commons Delivery Start Stonework Block Infilling Fit Service Boxes Fit Lintols Set Purlins if any Valley's constructed Heating pipes B.Boxs Elec Materials Delivered Fit initial Pipe runs Fit Door Frames Fit Window Frames Fit Glazing Order Garage Door Fit Skirts/Architraves Radiators mounted Tiling Completed Footpaths finished
Attached House Order Stone/Blocks etc Spoil removal (Cages) Sand/Cement Del Temporary Flr Boards Fit Hockey Stick Fit 1st Floor Joist Fit 1st floor Restraint straps Underside netting Fit Soil roof vents Tile or slate dormers Elec first fix Fit Drainage outlets Patios Delivered Garage Construction Book Painters Lay Rear Paths Fit lights/switches/Soc Fit Taps,toilet seats Fit Garden Fences
Program Schedule Order Dec Cills/Lintols Tree removal Extra Shuttering Wall ties Delivery Fit DPC Membrane Fit Door Templates Fit Decorative Sills Internal wall build Block Infilling Purlin Positions if any Inspections Fit Chimney Vent Fit initial Cable runs Stairs Delivery Window Frames del Fit Stairs Order Skirts/Architrave Wall Plasterboard SkIm Order Tiling Fit Worktops Garage Doors Fitted Cleaning
Order Steel Mesh & Bar Shuttering Order Service Boxes Book Scaffold Oversite Concrete Fit Wall Insulation Fit Window Templates Inspections restraint straps Fit Rafters in place Fit Rainware Fit Alarm Cables/Video/TV Noggs for Pendants Fit Glazing Mark out Drive/paths Landscape Rear Fit Kitchen Units Fit Door Hardware Fit Laminate Flooring Dressing
contact Services Heave protection Order Sand/Cement/Febmix Drainage layout Radon barrier Fit Floor Insulation Mullions? Cavity Closers Delivery Slates Delivered Aerial fitted Order Decking for Floors Fit Door Cav Closers 1st Paint Windows Clear Base around hs Inspections Laminate Delivery Rear Fences mounted Heating Tested Final Checks
Fencing? Inspections Order Regularised Joist #1&2 Order Templates Insulation Delivery Inspections DPC 3rd lift, Roof Materials Del Drainage Delivery Fit Lat & Felt Flooring Materials del Order for Paths etc Plumb Preasure Test Boxing Pipework Fit Window Sills Skirt/Architrave Delivery Inspections Electrical Testing complete Skip for clearance
Order kicker blocks Order Hockey Stick/Box Soil pipes in place Order Floor 2 I-Beams Floor Joist Delivery #2 Order Cavity Closers Order Patio Doors Valley sets Seal all Cavity's Order Stud Timber Order Doors+ Front dr+Frm Start Access Court Prep Fit Front Door Lay Front Paths WC's/Sinks/Bath Delivery Turfing Rear
Order drainage Order Floor I-Beams+Hangers Order Insulation Blocks/Stone Delivery Order Lintols (struc) Lintols (Struc) Delivery Order Ridge beam Order Windows onsite 5th lift Gables cut ups Cut up's complete Fit Lead work Order Stairs Paint Facias Order Door Frames Window Sills Delivery Footpath Prep Order WC's/Sinks/Bath Elec 2nd fix Mat Del. Garage Doors Delivery Inspections
Excavate for drainage Mark Out, Check Position Order Wall Ties I-beams delivery Order Ridge Beams D�cor Cills Lintols Del Order PAN Timber Order Roof Materials Fit Restraint Straps Order Stairs Back boxes mounted Lead work complete Final paint Windows Landscaping Front Lay Outdoor Cables for Lighting Rads Delivered Boiler Delivery Regs/NHBC Final Inspection
Fit Drainage for reinforced strip footings Soil pipes positioned Radon Protection DPC's Service box Deliivery Order Slates Order Plumbing Mat's Fit Soffits (enclosed) Finish all under floor work Fit Patio Cav Closers Remove Scaffold Order Kitchen Order Laminate Turf Delivery Turfing Front Lawn
Excavate Footings Inspections Pan fitted Velux positioned Fit Patio Doors Stone Delivery Order Boiler & RADS Kitchen Delivery
Order Sewer & M.Holes pipe Dropped Curbs Delivery Order Electrical, Cable, Boxes
Order Dropped Curbs Sewer Pipes Materials Del Water pipes layed Sewer connection Driveways Started
General Garage Prep Sewerage Connection start Gas Sleaves layed Services Connected Access Court detail
Site Lay Cross Drainage Electric Sleave layed Elec/Water/BT/Gas? Landscaping� Lay Block Paving
Program Schedule Sevice trenches dug Storm trench dug Bt Sleave Layed Garden Fence Delivery Sand Bed Landscaping�
Inspections Sewerage trench dug Inspections Bndry Fence Delivery Hardcore Court Driveways Complete
Drives and Paths Marked Sewerage Pipe layed Services to Detached Paint Delivered Whacker Hardcore Bndry Fence Erection
Storm pipe layed Order Turf Driveway Materials Del Order Bndry Fence
Inspections Order Paving/Drive Materials Lower Cables in Footpath Order Garden Fence
�������������� Fit Drop Curbs� Order for Paths etc