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How to Build your own Program of works for your Project

If you want to build your own Home you will need a plan!, You first need to find a plot in the right location and buy it!, Then you need to plan how to get from a plot of land to a house. I would suggest if you have no idea where to start, you make a programme or schedule with a simple spreadsheet like Excel.

You need to start by laying out a Calendar and starting with week 1, plan out your Build over several weeks if not Months!. You can do this by finding out what needs to be done first (look online at other peoples build projects, ask other Builders) then laying it out week by week allowing enough time for each section of work. Even if you don't understand each section of work at this stage, you will start to see that some jobs have to be done before others. for instance, you cant build walls without foundations....and you can't have foundations without digging!. Services like Gas/ Water/ Electric/ Phone lines/Cable all need to be thought about, so very quickly once laid out in front of you, you can see which pieces of the puzzle need to be done in which order.

When you think you have a plan for the building sequence, you can break up the work into stages and get quotes from Trades to cover each of the stages. We have a free Program of Works Download that will help to give you a starting point .... see:-

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