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How to link your phone to your home appliances wirelessly

Bluetooth, Home Automation, iPhone Gadgets, Office Gadgets Phones are controlling more Gadgets in our Homes, Take a look at this offering:- Flic is a wireless button that controls everything by Caitlyn We all wish there was an “easy button” for different aspects of our lives. It would be awfully convenient if we could just press a button, and then relationship, work, and other problems in life would just disappear. While you can’t whisk away issues with people, you can make other parts of life far easier. Our smartphones have certainly made things more streamlined, but they can’t do everything for us. If you wish you had easy buttons all over the place, you can get Flic. This is a wireless button that can control a variety of different things for your daily life. The only limitations are your imagination. You can control lights, use it as shutter control for your phone, as a snooze button, to play music, send distress signals, and much, much more. These can integrate with normal or smart homes alike, but can also be used in an office or outdoor setting as well. To set a specific task to a button, just open the app, press the button, and assign it a job. Every time you press it after that, it will do whatever you set it as. It has a backing that can be stuck anywhere you think it would be the most appropriate, but it can be moved if need be. This will work with iOS and Android, and if you have more ideas about integration, you can get the developer kit. While you can get one Flic for $23, the idea is to have these all over the place. You’ll likely want to get anywhere between 4-6 of these to get the most out of them, which will cost $89-99. This is currently available for crowdfunding on indiegogo Continue reading » Flic is a wireless button that controls everything

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